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Santo Ashe Botanica
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Tendency Oil is used when you want to finally get rid of those addictions or bad habits you've carried for so long. With healing herbs like eucalyptus, and heal all. This oil will aid with mood swings and push you forward with ease. Loose the dependency and shame of bad habits and finally have more self esteem. You are stronger than you can ever imagine, you just have to try! Wear or anoint candles for calm, peaceful, strength, and guidance throughout your release and healing process. 

  1. Have a tendency to get back into an abusive relationship?
  2. Have a bad habit of accepting judgment?
  3. Have a chemical dependency?
  4. Have a tendency to look at yourself and say your nothing?
  5. Have the desire to be like someone else?
  6. Habit of self sabotage?
  7. Addicted to cheating?