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Morto Ancestral Altar Oil - Santo Ashe Botanica

Morto Ancestral Altar Oil

Santo Ashe Botanica
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Morto oil (oil for the Dead)

Our first ancestral altar oil is finally here!! After a long meditation with spirit she explained why our spirit guides and Ancestors are soo important at this moment. I woke up uneasy from a nap and finally gave in and sat right in front of her to pray. Sometimes I forget how comforting ones guide can be when we are in need of peace. Once I was done there I prayed some more to my Boveda where I speak to God, family, and the rest of my spiritual court. After grounding myself I realized I've never created an oil to call on the ancestors. I've always prayed, lit candles, and poured my heart out. Naturally I've been fortunate to connect spiritually, but I know most need help. I've carefully hand picked every ingredient, prayed from my soul over them, and broke them down as I was told leaving some whole and grinding the rest. This oil is for the spiritualists ready for the commitment of carrying and lifting their own spiritual court. Do not purchase to use and forget them. It would only hinder your growth spiritually. Anoint white candles for blessings, black for breakings, and red only for dire emergencies (you should rarely in a lifetime need to use red)

1x 2oz Decorated Opal Glass bottle w/oil