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Collection: Amulets, Pendants, & More

Here you will find all of our Handmade Amulets and Pendants. We take pride in our craft and design all of our products. You will never find a piece similar to the items here. You will always receive a 1 of 1. Use these items for protection, Healing, elevation, and blessings. 

27 products
  • Life is Golden Oshun Wall Hanging Decor
  • The Warriors Got Me Wall Hanging Amulet
  • Evil Eye Protection Amulet
  • Witch Pens
  • Archangel Michael | San Miguel Home Protection Amulet
  • Mini Money Rice Abundance Jar
  • Lucky Me Dollar
  • Altar Diamonds
  • Self Love Pink Salt Protection Amulet
  • Abuela's Mojo Money Bag
  • Protect my Business Amulet
  • Bank Tower | 3 Tier Altar Display
  • Santo Ashe's Gift Card
  • Hanging Evil Eye Protection Amulet
  • Beauty Attraction Mojo Bag/ Resguardo de Atraccioń
  • Rica Charm / Rich Girl Charm