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Blue Moon Oil Limited Edition

Blue Moon Oil Limited Edition

Santo Ashe Botanica
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New* Blue Moon Oil

New Batch will be made for this 2023 Blue Moon

Don't forget to join out Blue Moon Burn August 15th 2023.

This oil heals and provides solace for the spirit. Inside you will find Turquoise crystal pieces. Turquoise promotes spiritual attunement and enhances communication with the physical and spiritual worlds. It holds the power to balance chackras, and the physical level to the spiritual. They believe this stone unites the earth and sky bringing together male and female energies. Blue moon oil strengthens, dissolves self sabotage, instills calm alertness, stabilizes mood swings, removes negative energies, blockages, suppressed expression, cord cutting, past trauma release, and great at promoting plans of success with clarity.

 1x 1oz dropper bottle of oil

Can Not Be wornn on Skin*