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Amares / Tied Oil

Amares / Tied Oil

Santo Ashe Botanica
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Our Amares/ Tied Oil is prepared with a mini ceremony of tying oneself to their most loved and enjoyable lover. You must provide your lovers name and DOB for your personal bottle of Amares/ Tied oil to be made. Please be responsible of your decision to do so and make sure you are completely sure of wanting this individual in your life. This oil is used to bring your connection, union, Love, and affection to a higher level. It's a form of sexy infatuation in a bottle. 

Amares will be a Perfumed anointing oil for topical use and candle dressing. Its elegant scent will be floral with the dominating aromas of rose and peony.

1x one ounce black matte glass bottle.

Email your names and DOB to SantoAsheny@gmail.com 

A consent form will be Emailed and must be signed and sent back before creation of Tied oil.